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Over 15 years of excellence in beating the snot out of each other with large bits of steel!!

Welcome to the Uppsala Medieval Society webpage!

Did you see us at a recent Show or Fayre? Do you have an interest in Medieval History, but would like a more hands on approach? Interested in combat perhaps? (of course you are!) The following pages contain information about who we are, what we do, and how we do it! So, have a look around, read what we have to offer on this web space, and we hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy!

Upcoming events...

Uppsala's First Easter Event

Uppsala has decided to leap upon the opportunity from the cancellation of this years Conference in Queensland over the Easter long weekend to run our own combat based camp.

The event will be from Friday April 3rd to Monday April 6th at the Danelaw property, 30 minutes drive from Braidwood in the NSW Southern Highlands. Fighting will be in our own area of the site, which features two opposing palisade forts, large clear grounds and flat wide paths for fighting over. We will have a huge range of different fighting scenarios, including dual-fort fights where teams will have to defend their fort whilst attacking the opposing fort, and a bunch of other cool things to fight over!

This will be a mixed period, metal weapons event using the common inter-group combat rules. We will provide the marshals for fighting, interesting areas to fight over and both interesting and dull excuses to fight.

So to keep this brief, our plans are as follows:

Dates, Times and Main Activities:

>Thursday 2nd of April - 5pm - Gates will open early for those who prefer to start their camp the night before.
>Friday 3rd of April - 9am - Event registration will start.
- 12pm - Combat will commence, in the clearings and paths, and go for as long as it takes.
- 6pm - Tavern opens for business until sometime after midnight.
>Saturday 4th of April - 9am - Combat will commence, using the two forts and surrounding areas, and not stop until we're done.
- 6pm - Tavern opens for business and won't close until sometime in the next morning.
>Sunday 5th of April - 9am - Combat will commence, using any and all the areas with enough room to swing a javelineer by the tail.
- 11am - Tourney will start and go till 1pm, which will include a number of different 1v1 categories and some group/fort categories.
- 6pm - Tavern opens for business and so begins the migration of the thirsty re-enactors.
>Monday 6th of April - - There may be fighting dependent on how keen everyone is.
- 5pm - Event finishes and we all go back to pretending that we never wanted to leave camp for the real world.

What we be provided:

>Event tokens for all participants.
>Combat Tourney, with shiny prizes for the winners.
>Sword & Shield (Heavyweight class, above 80kg or 185cm)
>Sword & Shield (Welterweight class, below 80kg or 185cm)
>Sword (open class)
>Spear (open class)
>Men's shirtless wrestling (tavern class)

>A ridiculously well stocked tavern, with several varieties of beer, cider and mead.
>Hot food, tea and coffee for sale from the Tavern.
>Evenings - $5. - Swedish meatballs, gravy and honey roasted root vegetables.
>Mornings - $5. - AppleBacon, boiled eggs and flat bread.

>Permanent toilet facilities (including the wondrous luxury that is triple-ply)
>Big bonfire and covered areas for the evenings festivities.

Costs and Booking:

The price for the event is $30 per person

This will get you an event token, the chance to either get trounced or get a prize in the tourney, and some incredible stories that you can and should inflate to everyone who wasn't there. To register for the event you will need to firstly pay the man, which can be done by transferring $30 to Uppsala. Secondly fill out the registration form and the site access form, to which links are provided below the account info.

Details immediately are below. You will need to note your payment/transfer confirmation number, and enter it in the registration form.
Account Name: Uppsala Medieval Society
BSB: 032 289
ACC: 324 378

Registration Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12fCJfEFTAcEIBzUssm9ubZZhsKbs4SdF8kAf3pY...
Site Access Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bPI-8ETibiwiH6X3sSsejPkibt9ScpzM4FNARf_...

Our end goal is to provide an inexpensive, relaxed and accessible event for anybody and everybody who wants to come and fight us. We are not planning to run any stalls or workshops though are happy for others to do so, and will provide areas for this on request. If you have any enquires at this stage please feel free to email a response back to this address, or get in touch with Cameron on 0423 721 920 (UMS Secretary & Head Combatant) or Dave on 0402 268 097 (UMS Herald & Head Combatant).

We look forward to seeing you all there, and then hitting you...in a friendly way...kinda,
- Uppsala Medieval Society